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Amaskan’s Blood Contest

Adelei–member of the Order of Amaska and main character in Amaskan’s Blood–invites you to face the trials. Test your contest entering ability now for a chance to win one of nine prizes! Open to US and Canadian residents only.Enter to win the Amaskan's Blood Contest.Enter to win the Amaskan’s Blood contest below. Earn additional entries in the contest by passing the trials below.

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15 Replies to “Amaskan’s Blood Contest”

  1. LeetahBegallie It just went live so I’m not surprised. 😉 I always wonder about whether these things gain readers early in a career.

  2. raven_oak Uh oh, a couple of the links on the contest aren’t working for me (the link to the picture and even the link to your website)

  3. LeetahBegallie Code was correct last night. It changed half of it. I just corrected it. Feel like giving it a shot now?

  4. LeetahBegallie One thing I hate is that being the one who set it up, I can’t always see things from the user end. Thanks for catching that!

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