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Anglicon 2016!

Just a reminder that Anglicon 2016 is this weekend! If you’re curious about Anglicon and why you should come, I was recently on the Comedy Sportz Seattle’s After Party alongside Dan & Keith from Anglicon’s Con Com! Give it a listen here:

Anglicon 2016

I’ll also have a table in the Dealer’s Room (as Books & Chains) as well as a panelist. See my schedule below!


David Tennant: Serious, Creepy, and Everything-in-Between
Northwest 2 – 1PM-2PM
Panelists: Abie Ekenezar, Ryan Wasson, Raven Oak (Moderator)

Can’t Stop the Signals
Evergreen 4 – 2PM-3PM
Panelists: Caitlin Cormier (Moderator), Charles Martin, Raven Oak, Warren Frey


Alan Rickman – A Retrospective
Northwest 2 – 9AM-10AM
Panelists: Cate Siguenza, Dancin’ Dan, Jeff Almeida, Raven Oak (Moderator), Stephanie Almeida

A Study in Sherlock
Evergreen 4 – 11AM-12PM
Panelists: Berlynn Wohl, Brien Christopher, Judy Lyen (Moderator), Raven Oak

QI–Quite Interesting (Game Show)
Northwest 2 – 12PM-1PM
Panelists: Shaylee Bell/Dalek Clara, Todd McCaffrey, Esther Matheson, Janine Southard (Moderator), Marcus Evenstar, Raven Oak (Moderator)


Moffit is a Feminist
Northwest 2 – 2PM-3PM
Panelists: Brien Christopher, Charles Martin, Mark Sebring (Moderator), Morgue Anne, Raven Oak

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