Another Award – Raven Oak

Another Award

Award Medal
Good news, everyone!

Amaskan’s Blood‘s won another award, the Readers’ Favorites Award for YA Epic Fantasy.

I’m happy that the first in the series is still getting so much love. <3

The title was also reviewed and said, “This is a novel for readers who enjoy plots filled with twists and intrigue and characters that are emotionally on edge, multidimensional, and solidly developed…. It is cinematic and outright entertaining.” You can read the full review here:

They also reviewed Amaskan’s War and said: “The dialogue is authentic, the world is exquisitely depicted, and Margaret herself blossoms into a powerhouse before our very eyes. If there is such a thing as a “sloggy middle” when it comes to a series, it appears nobody told Raven Oak that.” You can read the full review here:

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