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It’s My Birthday!

Happy Solstice! Happy Shortest Day of the Year! And yes, it’s my birthday!

Growing up in poverty, I can count on one hand the number of actual birthday parties I had, some of which were shared with other December babies to cut down on the cost.

Raven Oak, age 9

Me, age 9. Our upstairs neighbor made me a birthday cupcake.

As a child, it bothered me as I didn’t understand poverty or why my birthdays were sometimes the way they were, but a lot of that changed as I got older and made friends who were willing to make my days special.

For me, birthdays have always been about friends.

I share my birthday month with several friends, including my husband (12/9) and one of my good friends, Jennifer Brozek (also 12/9). I also share my actual birthday with a few friends. As a kid, I hated sharing the birthday, but as an adult, I love it!

Raven Oak, age 6

Me, age 6, at a shared birthday party

We’re having peppermint chocolate-chip bundt cake, which I’m looking forward to, and several friends over for gaming. (We also had friends over for gaming for Erik’s birthday on the 9th–a trend with us!) It’s a great way to enjoy turning 41.

Besides being my birthday, today is also the start of my husband’s vacation. I’ll be taking time off with him for the holidays, so while a few queued up posts will hit this website throughout December, I won’t be around all that much as I’ll be spending time with friends and family.

While I’m “away” on vacation, enjoy these festive kitties!

Malley under our tree

Malley under our Christmas tree

DiNozzo near fireplace

DiNozzo in front of the fire. He loves winter because of the fireplace!


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