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This is not your typical Thanksgiving post!

This is not your typical Thanksgiving post!

Nope, it’s not.


Because everybody I know with a website or a blog does one, and honestly, there are only so many folks you can read going on about what they’re thankful for or lying about what they wish they had before you’re ready to blow up the Internet. Or at least it can feel that way.

So here’s the deal: I am privileged. I have much more than many, especially in light of the California wildfires and all the horrific bills/laws being passed to strip people of their rights. I am thankful for what I have and will use what I have to help others. That’s always been my goal and no Thanksgiving post will change that.

Thanksgiving was never a huge deal growing up, but as an adult with my own friends and family, I’ve made it a big deal because I can. For some of you, I know this holiday isn’t an easy one. It’s easy to get caught up in the commercialism of the holiday season or to wallow in my auto-immune disorders that some days kick me flat on my ass. For some, this holiday means being surrounded by toxicity or pretending to be someone you aren’t. (I’ve been there on both counts.)

Because I endeavor to speak with more than my voice and give thanks for what I have, especially when so few have it, if you find yourself needing a family this holiday season, I gladly invite you into mine. I can be the crazy aunt, sister, whatever you need. We can share some cat pictures over social media and laugh over them trying to steal the turkey, because you know they’re gonna try!

And hey, if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, that’s alright too. You’re still a part of the family.

With that, I say I am thankful for you and for your presence in my world. <3

P.S. I’ll start. Here’s Riley. Doesn’t this look like a cat who wants to steal the turkey?

Riley wants turkey

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