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Boogerface, Boogerface

Several people have wanted an update on DiNozzo, our kitty having seizures. His MRI and spinal tap were clear, which is good because it means he doesn’t have cancer or something equally horrific.
DiNozzo RecoveringOn the other hand, we don’t know why he’s having seizures so the search continues. (Here he is recovering from his day at the hospital.)

While at the hospital, he had quite the herpes outbreak and by the time we got home, he was sneezing huge silly-string snot lines and trying his best to hock-a-loogie.

Which of course meant that we went around the house singing about DiNozzo’s boogerface (to the music of Lady Gaga’s Pokerface). He was so pathetic and wouldn’t let us help clean his face. He was like a snot-nosed baby with a cold. Poor thing. And since it’s herpes (aka viral), all we can do is wait it out. And while we’re waiting…

B-B-B-Boogerface, B-B-Boogerface…
B-B-B-Boogerface, m-my Boogerface…
Can’t clean my, can’t clean my,
oh can’t clean my Boogerface…

(Your welcome for that ear-worm.)

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