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The Undertaker (Weekly Wrap Up)

3_undertakerI should be writing a Flashback Friday, but I’m honestly not in the mood this week. If you’ve been reading my posts, you know I’ve had quite a sick kitty and quite a few sick family members and friends this month. I figured an update on everything might be a better way to wrap-up the week.

When I was looking for an appropriate image, I found this one from when I was four or so. We visited some Old West tourist trap town (the Six Gun theme park in Ocala, Florida) and of course, they took my picture on the Undertaker’s wagon. Morbid though it is, the photo made me laugh. Some days, my mind dwells on all the things that could go wrong in the next few weeks. The Bloggess (and many others) is correct when she reminds people that depression lies.

The phenolbarbital seemed to be helping DiNozzo in that the seizures were decreasing some. The side effects are horrible (severely drunken gait, loss of mobility and balance in limbs, etc.), but we were coping. Then he had a fairly major seizure Wednesday night. So we’re off to get an MRI on him tomorrow (Saturday) to see if we can figure out what is causing the seizures.

My husband had his CT scan and has his endoscopy this morning (probably about the time this post gets pushed out into the internet). Hopefully the two will give us some answers.

I made it through my revisions of Amaskan’s Blood and now have begun my final pass through the novel before it goes off to beta readers. Progress is made despite so many personal-life setbacks.

I haven’t done a ton of reading lately. Too busy with everything else, though I’ll probably get a bit of reading done today while Erik has his endoscopy. Assuming I can sit still and not panic.

Here’s hoping.

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