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Book Event Wrap-Up

Here’s the Book Event Wrap-Up for those that missed it. If you missed the live Amaskan’s Blood event this past Saturday, you can watch the stream on YouTube. The event went fairly well, with the exception of a few networking issues because my 7-year-old laptop sucks. We had one glitch and one network drop, but I’ve edited the video and cut out the gaps. Sorry about that. (Buy more books so I can get my new laptop sooner?)

Some folks couldn’t figure out the Q&A portion, so if you had a question that didn’t get answered, leave it in the comments here or on YouTube, or email it to raven [at] ravenoak [dot] com. I’ll go through and make a wrap-up video at some point and answer your questions.

I read a longer excerpt from Amaskan’s Blood and another excerpt from Class-M Exile. I talked about upcoming works/projects, why I went small press, where ideas come from, the order I write in, and a bunch of other topics. Give it a watch and enjoy!

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