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Cat-tain’s Log

I’ve been playing with the idea of creating a webcomic for a while, but one holdback I had was the amount of time it takes to draw one. I love doing art, don’t get me wrong, but drawing and inking take time.

In a class I’m in for creatives looking for new ways to connect to readers/listeners, I heard about an author who paired his landscaping photography with one line poems. As I love photography, especially taking pictures of my cats, I thought on this topic for a few weeks until the opening bits popped into my head.

My cats study humanity…but Covid19 has messed up their studies. Everything is on hold as the world holds its breath. What would this sci-fi story look like? Would it be humorous? Serious?

This is a unique point in our timeline, so I settled on humorous, and before I knew it, I had nine months work of comic written. I plan to update twice a week (on Mondays and Fridays), and I hope you’ll join me as my cats tell you all about their adventures and lack of adventures.

Check out Episode 1 here:


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