Cat-tain's Log: Episode 012 – Raven Oak
Cat-tain's Log Episode 012

Cat-tain’s Log: Episode 012

Covid-19 through my cats for a loop.

They were already used to me working from home most of the time, but even as a full-time author, I wasn’t home 24/7. On Wednesdays, I left for a few hours for my writing group. 2-3x a month I left again for a different writing group. Sometimes I had lunch with friends. Whatever my cats did while I was away or working, stopped when suddenly, Erik and I were both home. 24/7. We didn’t leave on the weekends to go game, no one came over to game, no food deliveries. Suddenly, we were here and never leaving as far as they were concerned.

You’d think my cats would love that. Us home = all the attention they desire! But no, the change in schedule freaked them out. I think they missed their alone time. 😉

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