Cat-Tain's Log: Episode 032 – RAVEN OAK
Cat-tain's Log Episode 032

Cat-Tain’s Log: Episode 032

It’s a Gas!

Riley is the weirdest cat we’ve ever had. All of our kitties sleep on the bed and in the winter, all three burrow under the covers with us, but Riley is different. Riley likes gas. He likes flatulence.

Malley, if he farts, will startle himself and run away from the smell. DiNozzo will just give you this proud look as if he’s given you a gift. But Riley? Riley loves the smell of farts, especially during the middle of the night. Everyone farts at night. Because of this, Riley’s favorite place to curl up is as close to your butt as possible, with his face pressed against your cheeks. Night passes, as does gas, and if you do fart, he will snuggle closer to your butt while purring.

I don’t get it. He is one crazy-ass cat! 😉

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