Cat-tain's Log: Episode 044 – Raven Oak
Cat-tain's Log Episode 044

Cat-tain’s Log: Episode 044

Scritches, Scratches, & Silly Snatches

The other morning, Erik (my partner) was eating some toasted pop-tarts. He walked away from them for a moment to get his coffee. In that moment, Riley went from the curled up, sleeping kitty who’d been receiving scitches and scratches moments earlier to a fully awake and hungry kitty. As I blinked, he leapt from his spot on the couch to the pop-tarts, grabbed one corner with his teeth, and attempted to drag off his “kill.”

Since the pop-tarts were heavy, the one he snatched broke off, leaving him with a corner piece. Of course, he didn’t enjoy that either as I strode over and took his “prized breakfast” away. 😉 Silly kitty!

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