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Giving is Greater

I’ll probably avoid Facebook today, if for no other reason than I’m insanely busy having just moved, but I will also avoid it because of the profound grief and anger that lives online on 9/11.

Everyone has their opinions and thoughts about that day and the days that followed, and while everyone could spend today rehashing what has already been said and thought and felt, I’d rather spend today helping folks who need my help now, because giving is greater than any evil people are capable of doing. There is hope for humanity if we are willing to help one another.

Patrick Rothfuss is an amazing author and storyteller. His work with WorldBuilders has helped so many people in need, and his generosity lead me to committing myself to 12 Months of Charities.

Rothfuss recently posted on his blog about reading the Little House on the Prairie books with his kids and thinking about the Syrian refugees walking through blizzards in their attempts to seek asylum. The knowledge that children are starving and freezing to death hit him pretty hard–as it should us all.

Aerial View of Refugee Camp

The Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan (Public Domain Image).

This video, which he links to on his blog, is a reminder that our country is not the only one suffering, nor are we the only folks to lose people.

What is happening with the Syrian refugees is nothing short of genocide. We should all be as angry as Rothfuss, and we should all help those in need–not because we gain something from it but because it is the right thing to do.

But rather than do nothing, Rothfuss has called on us to help by way of WorldBuilders. Right now, he is matching donations.

In less than 12 hours, people have already raised more than $12,000 via WorldBuilders. Surely if Exploding Kittens can raise $8,782,571 in 30 days, we can raise a decent amount to help those fleeing the conflict.

If there is nothing else you do today, go read his post on how we can help. Giving is greater than any evil humankind can dream up.

For me, I can best remember those I’ve lost by preventing the loss of more innocent life. Seeing folks help others is a reminder that not all is lost. The world and its people are not a lost cause. It gives me some hope for humanity.

If you can help, please do.

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