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I Hate Moving, Except When It’s Pretty

I figured it was time for a moving update…

We spent two days moving into our temporary housing, which is longer than it should ever take someone to move into a furnished place. We’d load up as much as would fit in my Honda Fit (which is more than you think!) and then drive an hour in traffic from Magnolia (Seattle neighborhood) to Kirkland. Traffic is partially responsible for the long drive, but we also had to go from a Seattle neighborhood as west coast as it gets, all the way across Seattle, across Lake Washington, and then north to the very edge of Kirkland. Then we’d unload and drive all the way back. Rinse and repeat many times. By the end of it, we had everything we thought we’d need for the next three months.

State park across the street

View of the state park across the street

What I love most about temp housing is the quiet and serene views of the state park across the street. I mean, holy smokes! I generally hate moving, but with a view this pretty, I’ll live!

The cats were pretty freaked the first day, and our little seizure kitty (DiNozzo) didn’t eat but a bite or three for two days. It helped that this move, we brought over enough stuff from the old place that the new place smelled like a mix of the two rather than a completely new domain. By day three, they were playing and romping in their new digs.

The cats missed having carpet

The cats missed having carpet

Back at the old condo, movers packed up the rest of our stuff to go into storage and then moved everything out.

An Empty Home

The old condo is almost empty

Now the floors will be ripped out and replaced (flood damage, remember?). A good deal of drywall and baseboards will also be replaced and repainted. Then we can finally list the place.

view from the old condo

The summertime view from the old condo

If you know anyone looking to buy, let us know! 🙂 In the summer, the condo is quiet with a greenbelt view. In the winter, you can see straight through to the Seattle downtown skyline. I watched the Space Needle fireworks on Jan. 1st from bed.

Somewhere at the end of all this, we get to buy a house in Kirkland. Of course, that means moving again but at least it will be into a house–hopefully one with as nice a view as we have now in temp housing.

Today we have a million errands (or so it seems) as we turn off services & return equipment, clean out the storage unit, clean up the condo, and a million other things. Eventually I’ll return to writing more than 15 minutes at a time in between errands.

Until then, check out an excerpt from Joy to the Worlds, due out December 1st.

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