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Holiday Antics… = Joy?

Me, Christmas, age 6?

Me, Christmas, age 6?

I had an amazing birthday. We went to see the new Hobbit movie, had amazing cake at Bakery Nouveau, and then went to the always wonderful Cafe Mox / Card Kingdom for dinner and to play The Stars are Right, a card game by the makers of Munchkin.

As with any holidays, there were antics for sure. For one, right at the start of the movie, I squeezed the Coke too hard and sent about 1/3 of a medium soda flying across my lap. Soaked my jeans, my shoes, and turned the floor into a sticky hell for one sitting silently in a movie. It would never fail that we’d reach a particularly quiet scene, and my feet would move. *Splorch* I swear the entire theater could hear it.

Despite my shivering legs, I enjoyed myself. It was my birthday, and I wasn’t about to cry over a little spilled soda.

After checking tracking over and over again, my husband discovered last night that ThinkGeek had accidentally shipped some of my holiday gifts (to me, from my husband) to our old home in Texas. Oops! He called them and amazingly enough, they are shipping it to us today, and it will arrive in time for Christmas. Go ThinkGeek!

Amongst all the chaos of the holidays, be it crazy shopping, long hours at work, missing gifts, or spilled soda, one thing stands out to me. I’m home. I’m with my family. I am loved.
Everything else is just icing on the birthday cake.

Happy Holidays to everyone. May you have a joyous, antic filled year.

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