Another Year Older

Another year older…

My Dad & I (3 wks old)

My Dad & I (3 wks old)

So today, I’m another year older–36 in fact, which feels like 35 did, and 34, and even 33. I’ve never cared too much about age, but turning 36 does make me think about my writing and writing goals.

This week, I finished the final edits on the synopsis and first three chapters of TruthWeaver, which I’m submitting to a contest on Monday. I’m very proud of it!

My hope for 2014 is to see something of mine in print. Maybe several somethings.
So we’re off for birthday shenanigans, but later, to write!

P.S. Happy Solstice or Yule to those who celebrate it.

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  1. Thank you! We’re about to see The Hobbit #2 and then go to Bakery Nouveau for the most amazing cake in Seattle. 🙂

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