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Awards’ Eligibility

Every author has to make the post about Awards’ Eligibility so here goes:

Last year in 2018, I released two books:

So what can you as a reader vote for? Quite a bit. First, voting for the Locus Awards has opened up. Anyone can vote, so if you enjoy science fiction & fantasy, head over and vote! If something you’ve enjoyed isn’t on the list, you can write it in!

Locus Awards

Just an FYI that Amaskan’s War is eligible for Best Fantasy Novel or Best YA Novel (don’t vote it in for both) so if you really loved it, feel free to write it in. 😉

Also open until June is the Dragon Awards from DragonCon. Again, Amaskan’s War is eligible for Best Fantasy Novel.  Click the link below to nominate!

Dragon Awards Nominations

If you’re a SFWA member, Amaskan’s War is eligible for the Nebula. Last day to vote is soon!

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