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Many Deaths of…

You all know I love sharing good reads, especially when they share my snarky humor. Double points when the author can poke fun at themselves. Both make me happy to share Jennifer Brozek‘s new release: The Many Deaths of Jennifer Brozek.
Picture a bunch of short stories where she, the author, kills herself via a variety of methods–everything from being stabbed to death by pens to poisoning from an unhappy author whose story didn’t make the cut.
I don’t review or share every book my friends and colleagues release. (The proof is in my ever-growing TBR pile!) But when a book is funny and/or good, especially both, I definitely share. I laughed…a lot. You don’t have to be a writer to enjoy this, just a fan of reading.
The stories are funny and worth the price of admission so check it out at: 

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