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MNG: Crabs Adjust Humidity

This week’s Monday Night Gaming / MNG: Crabs Adjust Humidity Omniclaw Edition

MNG: Crabs Adjust HumidityPublisher: Vampire Squid Cards

# of Players: 4-20 players

Best with: 4-8 players

Playing Time:  30-90 minutes. Or longer if you really want.

General Mechanics: This game is an unofficial expansion to the infamous Cards Against Humanity game, and like it, the game consists of black & white cards. Players begin with 10 white cards at the beginning of each round while they take turns being judge. The judge draws a black card (consisting of fill-in-the-blanks) and reads it aloud. The other players then pick white cards to fill in those blanks. The judge reads each option aloud and chooses a winner, which is given the black question card to represent an “Awesome Point.”

While most blank cards have one blank, some have two blanks, requiring players to provide two white cards. If a player thinks they have two cards that would perfectly match one blank, they can pay an “Awesome Point” to submit both. If they win the round, they get the point back.

This Omniclaw Edition consists of expansions 1-5 of Crabs Adjust Humidity.

How to Win/Lose: You win by getting the most “Awesome Points.” You lose it by not having the most points, though I don’t think anyone really loses this game.

What I Liked: I liked that this game (and its cards) poke fun at Cards Against Humanity and people’s love of the game. It’s just as fun as the real game. We tossed in our Crabs cards into the real deal so that they are all mixed together. Makes for a new twist on a fun game.

What I Didn’t Like: Honestly, nothing. This is game is awesome.

Overall Rating/Impression: 8/10. I only give it an 8 because it is a cheap-knock off expansion rather than a new idea or twist on the game. Still, don’t let that stop you from playing it.

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