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Nothing more horrific than a muscle spasm

I didn’t post anything last week. Nothing. Nada. I even missed Flashback Friday. :/ Instead, these two kitties kept me company:

Our kitties

Malley & Riley

I had a perfectly good reason though. In the middle of a combo massive upper respiratory infection & ear infection, I pulled a muscle in my hip/lower back region. You know it’s bad when the conversation at the doctor’s office goes like this:

Doctor: So what seems to be the trouble today?
Me: I think I pulled a muscle. The one that runs from the spine to my right hip.
Doctor: Hmmm, can you stand?

I stand.
Doctor: Can you bend forward? backward?
Doctor: You’re definitely suffering from a muscle spasm. No nerve injury—Just a general, run-of-the-mill muscle spasm.
He pauses.
My look says, “OMG, this hurts! There is nothing general about a muscle spasm!”
Doctor: Not to belittle muscle spasms! I’m going to give you some good muscle relaxers and some hydrocodone. Take it easy for a bit.

A week later, and I’m on the mend. My muscles still have moments of soreness because I pulled them something fierce, but I’m recovering nicely. Between the drugs and the healing, I just didn’t make it to a computer to post last week. Sorry about that! Luckily, this is not (as far as we can see) an injury in my spine. Post-back-surgery, I’m still a-ok. But my out-of-shape core muscles hate me. I’d been meaning to get back to the gym….

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