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Podcast appearances

Class-M Exile by Raven OakWith the release of Class-M Exile in June, there have been a few podcast appearances to note–

If you’re a listener of the SFFAudio Podcast, they briefly discussed Class-M Exile‘s release on episode #322. They called it military sci-fi…which is briefly off-the-mark, but it’s all good. After all, there is a military conspiracy in the plot. 😉 You can give that episode a listen here (They mention it around the 6:20 mark):


Scifi Diner Podcast LogoAlso, the SciFi Diner Podcast interviewed me back in June, and the episode (#255) came out back in July (I missed the release, oops!). We talked about geekery, writing, life, and the novel. You can give it a listen here (The interview begins at 31:00 mark):


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