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Monday Night Gaming: Rhino Hero

This week’s Monday Night Gaming: Rhino Hero

Monday Night Gaming: Rhino HeroPublisher:  HABA

# of Players: 2-5 players

Best with: 3 players

Playing Time: 10-20 minutes

# of Expansions: 0

# of Parts: Rule book, 31 roof cards, 28 walls, 1 foundation card, 1 Super Rhino.

This was another of those “need a quick playing game” games that we picked up to play. It’s definitely a game for a younger audience or parents playing with their children, but it was fun enough.

General Mechanics:
The game has a similar mechanic to Jenga, in that you are building a structure and trying to keep it balanced. Players each begin the game with 5 roof cards.

The game starts with a foundation card. On a turn, the player places their walls on the highest floor, then places a roof card on top of the walls. Some roof cards allow players to place more than one roof (adding stability or messing up the next player by making it more challenging to place walls/roofs.)

Roof cards have symbols on them to determine how many roof cards you can play and where to place wall cards. Roof Card Rhino Hero

Look at the card to the right.

This roof card will have the player place two walls towards the center of the roof (along the arrows).

The next player has to move the Rhino to the spot on this roof card.

Some roof cards also change the direction of play.


How to Win/Lose:  The first player to build all of the roof cards in his hand wins the game. If the building collapses, the player who caused the collapse loses. Then the player with the fewest cards wins.

What I Liked:
Again, it’s a short little game that is fun to play when you’re short on time. Moving the Rhino and keeping everything balanced is a nice twist on the standard balance game.

What I Didn’t Like: Playing the game on a tall table sucks as a short person. I couldn’t see the top of the roofs at all when seated at our booth at Mox. Recommended play on a low coffee table or somewhere you can stand to see the top of the building.

Overall Rating/Impression:
Overall, this was a short, fun game. Definitely a good game for kids. 6.5/10

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