RustyCon – Raven Oak


Instead of a Flashback post, I’m just going to remind folks that I’m at Rustycon 33 all weekend. If you’re attending, stop by the dealer’s table and say hello (when I’m not at a panel that is), or hop in to one my panels. Schedule is below:

Rustycon 33


4-5 PM      Climate Change in Dystopian Worlds in Orcas B
            Panelists: Mike Birch, Raven Oak (Moderator),
            Thomas Gondolfi

5-6 PM      Kicking Butt in Heels--Realistic Women in SF/F in 
            Emerald D
            Panelists: Janine A. Southard, John (JA) Pitts 
            (Moderator), Raven Oak, Roberta Miller


10-11 AM    The Myth of Writer in Emerald D
            Panelists: Cheryce Clayton, Grant T. Riddell 
            (Moderator), Randy Henderson, Raven Oak

12-1 PM     Women Doin' It for Themselves in Emerald F
            Panelists: Raven Oak (Mod.), Roberta Miller

2-3 PM      Why Can’t Spiderman be an African-American Lesbian? 
            in Orcas B
            Panelists: Morgue Anne, Raven Oak (Moderator), 
            Steven Barnes, Ford A. Thaxton

4-5 PM      Developing Strong Female Characters in Emerald D
            Panelists: Jean Johnson, Julie Hoverson, Raven 
            Oak (Moderator)

5-6 PM      Fantastical Languages & Frakking Toasters--A Look 
            at the Necessity of Made-Up Languages in Genre 
            Fiction in Orcas B
            Panelists: Adamin "Adwo" Wojyna, Janine A. Southard 
            (Moderator), Raven Oak, Shoshana Glick


10-11 AM    The Craft of Word Creation & Word Choice in 
            Orcas B
            Panelists: Elizabeth Guizzetti, Janine A. 
            Southard, Raven Oak (Moderator)

12-1 PM     Women in Gaming in Emerald A
            Panelists: Mickey Schulz, Raven Oak (Moderator)
            William (Morrigan) Lehman

3-4 PM      Joss Whedon is My Master Now (Retrospective) in 
            Orcas B
            Panelists: Raven Oak (Moderator), Shoshana Glick,
            Kelli Stasi, Ford A. Thaxton

The rest of the time, I'll be at my booth in the dealer's 
room. Come say hello!

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