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Sneaky Little Snippets

I should be writing a Flashback Friday or something, but I’ve been way too busy writing fiction and prepping for our move. It’ll have to wait.

Sent off a revision of a short story last night for a possible anthology. If it gets accepted, I’ll let folks know. Spent this AM working on moving related stuff and this afternoon/evening working on Amaskan’s War.

I will not-so-sneakily share a snippet because I want to!

He cried. He shouted and writhed. And when he was done with that, he wet himself.

In a moment of rare clarity, he whispered, “The Senate. Call them.”

writers killI’m so mean to my characters. 😀 And yes, that’s all you’re getting right now.

And I really need this mug. Someone buy a book or something so I can get it. (We’re still in our don’t-spend-money-because-the-down-payment-soon phase, which sucks because I want to go book shopping and apparently mug shopping.)

Back to writing!

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