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Surgery Update

I am WAY overdue on a surgery update–mostly because I spent the first week after surgery in a drug-induced state of alternating sleep and daze–but I figured now was a good time to update you!

Surgery to remove my gallbladder went well, though I am still recovering. Five incisions (about 2″ each in length) are glued together, and I have to be careful not to twist, bend, or lift anything (at least nothing heavier than a milk carton) to ensure that everything heals and neither the glue or the internal stitches open up.

Like with any healing, I tire easily as my body’s using all its energy to heal tissue and muscles cut through, not to mention the area where they removed an organ. o_O

Went spent 4 hours gaming today with some of my husband’s coworkers, where I went from 100% fine to OMG_TIRED in super fast at the end of the fourth hour. I just finished some final edits on a short story for an anthology, answered a few emails, and have a bit of writing to do before I’m done for the day. My work comes in small spurts each day, but every day is better than the one before it.

On that note, time to get a bit more work done!

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