TT: Spirit Fox – Raven Oak

TT: Spirit Fox

This week’s Throwback Thursday: Spirit Fox by Mickey Zucker Reichert & Jennifer Wingert

TT: Spirit Fox

What I Love about This Cover:  This cover is photo-realistic, rather than being a painted work. I’m not usually a fan of photo-realistic covers because they usually end up being a bad Photoshop composite. However, with this book cover, they set up the model with appropriate clothing in an appropriate setting so that little Photoshop was needed. That type of cover I like!

What I Don’t Love about This Cover: On the actual cover on the book (which has the titles and such), they darken the model to the point that it isn’t as nice looking to me It makes it grittier–true–but I like the way the light hits her in the above version vs. what ended up on the cover.

TT: Spirit Fox

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