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Winter Wish on the Solstice

Winter solstice…the shortest day of the year. The day when it’s dark at 3:30 PM in Seattle, and everyone sighs with relief that eventually the sun will return.

It’s also the day of my birth, which is always interesting as one year often feels like the last in terms of age. I could say that my body feels the cold more, but it always has. I could say that I’ve more grey hair, but I keep my locks in such bright colors that honestly, I’m not sure I’d be able to tell.

Raven Oak, 38So yep, there I am, age 38. And what am I doing on my birthday? Fallout 4, of course. I’ll aim for 1000 words written, then I’ll call it a holiday. Oh, I’m certain at some point there will be cake.

Tomorrow I get to go see the new Star Wars movie, which is also an excellent way to celebrate getting older. If you post spoilers, I may have to hunt you down so don’t!

But what will I wish for when I blow out the candles? What would be my winter wish on the solstice?


Hope your solstice is a good one.

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