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Monday Night Gaming: Fallout 4

This week’s Monday Night Gaming: Fallout 4.

Those that know me, know my love of Fallout. My husband would argue his deep love for its predecessor, Wasteland, which I respect, but for me, Fallout 3 is what began my Bethesda love. Of course, like any Bethesda game, Fallout 4 is plagued with bugs, but fewer than previous games.

Fallout 4Unlike Fallout 3, #4 begins before the bombs drop. We see our main character running for Vault 111 as the bombs fall. It sets the stage for everything else that happens in a post-apocalyptic America. But like Fallout 3, we still have the 1950’s idea of science fiction–a nice atomic-punk theme.

I don’t know the ending to this game yet, so no spoilers, but so far, I’m enjoying the plot line. I feel like the plot hook is strong enough for me to care about the characters. I can even see where Bethesda is possibly dangling some hooks for future expansions.

One problem I do have with the plot line is that at times, the main character doesn’t act realistic enough for the events that have occurred.

[warning]Minor spoiler to the beginning of the game below![/warning]



For a character who has lost their spouse and their child, the main character isn’t devastated enough. At first, all the main character can think of is revenge, which is usually an aspect of grief that comes later, not sooner.

If it were me and I’d watched some people murder my spouse and kidnap my child, my first reactions would be more along the lines of shock. I’d probably cry so hard I vomited. I’d be unable to move, much less gather supplies and set out into the Wasteland for answers.

And as we move through the plot line, the main character talks about these horrific events in a distanced way and sometimes even wistfully. It’s bizarre the way the character is detached–as if the event happened decades ago.

[warning]Okay! Done with spoilers now![/warning]

Beyond that, I love the mini-plot lines for the secondary characters and companions–especially Nick Valentine. I love the conflict of synth vs. human, which is rather fitting to the current Islamophobia in the United States. The companions do have an irritating way of stepping in front of you when you’re trying to shoot bad guys. I swear Curie has a death wish.

But overall the game has a rich set of plot lines and characters, and the engine creates a beautiful landscape to explore. Even in destruction there is beauty.

If you haven’t played this game yet, I would highly recommend you do so! But get for on the PC. Modding for the win!

(Images from the game are Copyright Bethesda and are used under fair use in order to review/criticize a product.)

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