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Featured Author of the Day Raven Oak

When All the Swords Are Pointing at You

I’m the Featured Author of the Day over on Many Books! There’s a nice, lengthy interview you can read over there about Amaskan’s Blood, Amaskan’s War, writing, and stuff in general. Check out the interview, When All the Swords Are Pointing at You here: http://manybooks.net/featured-authors/raven-oak-when-all-the-swords-are-pointing-at-you  

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Thanksgiving Cat


From its bloody beginning to the more recent attacks on the Native People’s protesting the DAPL, Thanksgiving is a complicated holiday in the United States. It’s always been a “damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t” style holiday for me, especially being a 20+ year-long vegetarian (the non-preachy kind thank you!). But with all the death, politics, and illness of …

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