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Amaskan's Blood

Review from Chanticleer

A quite lengthy review of Amaskan’s Blood was posted recently from Chanticleer, who gives it 5 stars. Some snippets from the review: “Just when you think you know where the novel is headed, the author will surprise you, frighten you, charm you, and, ultimately, move you profoundly.” “…very precise and inviting prose…enormous talent for elaborate plot twists imbued …

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Ursula Le Guin


It was 1989, and I was twelve. I can still smell the dust that coated that corner of the classroom–the corner that served as the reading nook, a corner few (other than me) ventured into voluntarily. Yet that corner was a home to me as we read A Bridge to Terabithia and other books my 6th grade year. …

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