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Flashforward Friday: Neurology and Neurons

Flashforward Friday: Neurology

For this week’s Flashforward Friday: Neurology and the new strides science has made. Scientists have built artificial neurons that fully mimic human brain cells. Let that sink in for a moment. As someone who has neurological issues, I wanted to cry when I read the article. The idea that we could replace damaged nerve cells …

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Our Locus Table (click to see larger)

Locus Weekend Wrap-Up

This past weekend was the Locus Awards and the Locus Writers’ Workshop, hosted by sci-fi Grand Master Connie Willis and author Daryl Gregory. It was my second year attending, which included dragging my husband along (he complains until he’s there, and then he laughs himself silly, heckles Connie Willis, and enjoys himself). The award’s ceremony …

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Fallout Shelter

Monday Night Gaming: Fallout Shelter

This week’s Monday Night Gaming: Fallout Shelter, the mobile game. Developer: Bethesda Game Studios # of Players: Single Player System: Mobile Devices Genre: Simulation / Resource Management Cost: Free-to-Play, with the usual pay add-ons If there is anything I love in this world, it is the Fallout video game series. Something about the 1950’s thoughts …

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