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Writer Imperfect

Hey folks, I’ll be on Twitch TV tomorrow (2/20/19) on a show called Writer Imperfect, alongside JD Jordan, Christopher Lee, John Ryers, and Josh Robertson. We’ll be talking about writing (of course!) and probably gaming and other geeky things as they pop up. 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST at https://www.twitch.tv/robertsonwrites Come check it out …

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Locus Awards

Awards’ Eligibility

Every author has to make the post about Awards’ Eligibility so here goes: Last year in 2018, I released two books: Amaskan’s War (Book II of the Boahim Trilogy), which is fantasy From the Worlds of Raven Oak: A Coloring Book, which counts as an art book So what can you as a reader vote …

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Feline Fireteam

Feline Fireteam? What in the hell am I talking about? Only one of the best presents ever! For my birthday this past December, my husband commissioned some custom art from a game concept artist named Jake Myler, who planned to use the proceeds to help the animals rescued in the California wildfires. (Way too many animals …

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