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Seattle Geekly

The wonderful folks of Seattle Geekly interviewed me about Amaskan’s Blood and various geeky topics like Dark Dungeons, Anne McCaffrey‘s Pern, D20’s, and more. Also on the podcast is an interview with author Kristi Charish and the normal “How Geek was Your Week” segments. Check out the Podcast Here If you’re in a huge rush, my …

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Dragonfire by Jody Lynn Nye

Book Cover Throwback: CYOAS

This week’s Book Cover Throwback: CYOAS, otherwise known as a Choose Your Own Adventure Series. In particular, Dragonfire by Jody Lynn Nye.  The CYOAS folks did two such books set in the the world of Anne McCaffrey‘s Pern: Dragonfire and the other, Dragonharper. (If you’ve never read a CYOAS series, you should at least once. More …

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Stack of books, Amaskan's Blood by Raven Oak

The First 30 Days

January 1st, 2015 was The Day–the day I officially donned the title “Published Author,” and all that goes with it. 30 days later, there are moments when it doesn’t feel real. Moments when I have the opportunity to breathe, and the enormity of it hits me. I’m published. Somewhere out there, people are reading and …

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