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For many of us, today is a pretty depressing and dark day. Tomorrow, millions of women and men will march in protest and for equality. Millions will raise their voices and speak out against oppression and hatred. All day I’ve had a set of songs running circles in my head–songs of resistance, of change, and …

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Today dawns a whole new year! A new chance to change things or resolve to better ourselves. I’m not a fan of making promises I can’t keep. I tend to make achievable goals rather than resolutions. THEREFORE…. I hereby declare myself too cool for 2016. Onward to 2017! 2017 PROFESSIONAL GOALS Get …

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Upcoming Reading!

Hey folks! I’ve got an upcoming reading! I’ll be reading at the Inkwell Seattle: Women in Speculative Fiction coming up! Details below: WHO: Nisi Shawl, Raven Oak, G. G. Silverman, and Janine A. Southard WHAT: Reading amazing spec-fic works! WHEN: January 10, 2017 from 7-10 PM WHERE: Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar – 1508 11th …

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Directly Proportional to Cats

Productivity, or writing productivity in my case, is these days directly proportional to my cats. I swear, it is! Writing and Cats–the struggle is real. I have a plan. I have a schedule. I even have a time sheet. Time management software, software to better organize my writing/research/revisions, and even software to turn off the …

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