This is the official website for author Raven Oak. “Novelist and occasional short story-ist. In other words—a slightly crazy night owl who frequents coffee shops!”

Hopefully you’ve found this site because your interested in finding something new to read. Or perhaps you’re here because you’re a fellow writer looking for more information on writing. Either way, welcome to the site!

Check out a blast from my past with a recent Flashback Friday post on the blog where I’ll review great and not-so-great science fiction and fantasy I read back in my younger years.

Feel free to check out What I’m Reading or check in on How Goes the Writing? for an update on that!

Last Updated: MON, APR 14, 2014
BOOKS:     Truthweaver, Fall 2014.
Amaskan’s Blood, Jan. 2015.


Last Updated: MON, APR 14, 2014
EVENTS: NorWesCon 37, Seattle.