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snow white red handed by maia chance

Book Review: Snow White Red-Handed

While I love the speculative fiction genre, I have my occasional dives into mystery–usually because I’m needing a relaxing read that doesn’t require me to ponder the science behind FTL travel or telepathic dragons. I started out reading this series backwards as Maia Chance is my critique partner. I read the 2nd book, Cinderella Six-Feet-Under, …

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Wikipedia History

Scrivener Saturday #6

This week’s Scrivener Saturday is on Snapshots, which I feel are the most unrated part of Scrivener. Think of Snapshots like versions or histories of a document. Raise your hand if you’ve used Wikipedia before? (Every hand should be up–I’m looking at you writer in the red shirt!) You’re probably going to have to click on that …

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