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Text Scrivener

Scrivener Saturday #3

One of the most difficult parts of writing is making sure that you use variety in your word choice and avoid redundancy. To help with word choice and word frequency, Scrivener has a text statistics option which will not only give you general statistics about your project, but will tell you word frequency. If you …

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Flashback Friday: Ship Who Sang Cover

Flasbhack Friday: Ship who Sang

In all my years of conventions and conferences, I’ve never caught “Con Crud” –until Geek Girl Con. I’ve got a bit of a head cold this week, so my apologies if my Flashback Friday over The Ship Who Sang rambles a bit or contains errors. When I read this story as a kid, the enslavement …

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D20 Q&A w/ Raven Oak

Goodreads & Page Updates

If you’re a Goodreads user, I’ve got a Q&A session going at the moment. Feel free to ask me questions about writing, Amaskan’s Blood, reading, life, whatever! (You can also become a fan of my author page over there while you’re at it or add Amaskan’s Blood to your to-read shelf!) Just a head’s up …

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The Windup Girl Book Cover

Book Cover Throwback: Windup Girl

This week’s Book Cover Throwback is The Windup Girl‘s cover art by Raphael Lacoste. I know this technically isn’t an old book, the cover art is an older style and just gorgeous. I love the contrast between the bazaar, the elephant, and the zeppelin & massive city in the background. (BTW, the book is awesome!)

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