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Send in the clones!

Flashforward Friday: Cloning

For this week’s Flashforward Friday post, I’m filling in for a guest-post cancellation. Sometimes I miss doing these, so I don’t mind the chance to fill in! Flashforward Friday: Cloning! Despite DNA not being discovered for another twenty years, Brave New World (1932) by Aldous Huxley explored the theme of cloning. Fandoms like Orphan Black, …

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Pokemon Rumble World

Monday Night Gaming: Pokemon Rumble World

This week’s Monday Night Gaming: Pokemon Rumble World (#4) Last week, I took a look at the freemium game Pokemon Shuffle, which fell prey to everything people hate about the freemium game model. Where Shuffle failed, Rumble World succeeded. Shuffle lacks any sort of plot line, but Rumble World possess one (albeit a simplistic one). In …

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