Cat-tain's Log: Episode 047 – Raven Oak
Cat-tain's Log Episode 047

Cat-tain’s Log: Episode 047

Chartreux of a Different Color

The picture on the right–that’s an actual picture of Riley and Malley with their liter mates. Most are the same size but you can see that Malley is much bigger than his siblings. He’s got Chartreux in him. He’s the wrong color but everything else he has.

  • cobby body
  • short limbs
  • water-resistant short hair double coats w/ thick texture
  • smiling face
  • exceptional hunter w/ fast reflexes
  • very smart (can open doors, understands how plumbing works, understands 1, 2, and many.)

Besides being tan instead of blue, another difference is that Malley loves to talk.

We got a DNA test for him and the other kitties so I’ll be curious to see what it says about the crew!

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