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DiNozzo says, “No!”

DiNozzo MTG Card

DiNozzo refuses to allow game play. Jerk.

The last four days I spent at the PNWA Writers’ Conference, where my friend and critique group member, Gayle Clemans, had 6 different agents ask for her manuscript (which in the publishing world, is awesome).

Between the ‘too busy to eat’ bit, crappy con food when I did eat, 18 hour days, and not enough sleep, I got home in great need of: real food, isolation, fun, and sleep.

So of course, we went to Card Kingdom aka Cafe Mox (if you aren’t familiar, Card Kingdom is an awesome tabletop & card game store in Seattle. Cafe Mox is the restaurant part of it, where you can eat and play games for hours over a pint). This supplied the food portion and the fun by way of some MTGM15 drafting. (MTG = Magic the Gathering Card Game…oh, just click the link.)

After a few games, we’ve decided we do not like M15 Core Set. It has some excellent cards and a few over-powered cards, but the rest suck. When we got home, we were trying to play a different game…and DiNozzo happened. He hopped up and lay across the entire game. Refused to move. He even went belly kitty on us.

Thus, DiNozzo says, “No!” to all game play. That game was over. 😉 I made a really crappy card based on this event. I’ll use a better card maker later to fix it, but for now, you get the point. I love the irritation on my husband’s face.

So what’s coming up?

Be sure to check back later this week! So until then, I’m off for that nap!

2 Replies to “DiNozzo says, “No!””

  1. You didn’t like the food at the PNWA conference? I have to eat gluten and dairy-free, and I thought this year was the best job they’d done feeding those of us with special diets.

  2. @Chelly Wood I’m vegetarian and allergic to tomatoes. Friday’s dinner: The waiter saw my special food card they gave us. After everyone else finished eating, they finally brought out mine. And they gave me chicken. They told me chicken was vegetarian. *facepalm*
    Then after I sent it back, the ravioli with eggplant (no tomatoes) gave me some of the worst food poisoning of my life and I missed all my AM Saturday panels because of it. So no, I did not like the hotel’s attempt at food. (I don’t blame PNWA for this, but the Hilton staff/cooks.)

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