I'm Weightless – Raven Oak

I’m Weightless

Today I’m feeling weightless. 

My favorite short story I’ve ever written is a little story called “Weightless.” It was first published in a micro-press anthology entitled The Great Beyond, but more recently, it’s found a true home in Soul Jar, an anthology featuring stories by 31 disabled authors. I love this anthology for all sorts of reasons, but mostly because as a disabled author, we don’t see enough disabled characters using their disabilities as strengths and learning to love themselves for who they fully are.

So imagine my surprise when I got word that freaking Publishers Weekly had not only reviewed Soul Jar, but they mentioned my story right off the bat.


I had to learn how to breathe again for a moment.

You can read the full review here: https://www.publishersweekly.com/9781942436577 but here’s the relevant bit.

Raven Oak’s grounded sci-fi tale, “Weightless,” in which a large woman with a knee replacement takes charge after a routine space flight goes awry, explores generosity and community in the wake of disaster…Fans of space opera, fairy tales, and postapocalyptic stories will revel in the reinvention of beloved tropes and the wealth of eye-opening creativity—and disabled readers will be especially moved.”


The book’s out on 10/17 and if you haven’t preordered it yet, it’s everywhere. Powells, B&N, Amazon, Target, Walmart, you name it. Go snag it now.

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