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Invaluability because I say so


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My husband and I were having a conversation about—well, it started off about critique

groups. I was explaining how lucky I am to have found two AMAZING writers and editors that form my critique group. Just absolutely amazing people.

The rest of the conversation (via Skype) went like this:

Me: Their invaluability is just—

E: Invaluability isn’t a word.

Me: Sure it is. It’s a word, because I said it is. Besides, if Joss Whedon can do it, so can I!

E: Yeah, but he’s Joss Freaking Whedon.

Me: Anyway, they’re invaluable. To a writer, a good group is everything.

E: That’s true of a lot of things, professional and otherwise.

Me: Agreed.


E: E socks it to himself.

Maybe I’m just weird, but I spent the rest of the morning with the song stuck in my head. And I laughed every time Aretha spelled out respect. Every-freaking-time.

In other news, by the time this posts, I’ll be sending out a book to beta readers. 🙂 Writing and editing are coming along well.

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