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Top 10 Text-to-Speech Fails

Stop TyposWhen I’m editing writing, what helps the most is to have Scrivener read out loud my novel. Having a computer read it, finds all those annoying typos or mistakes that my brain auto-corrects no matter how many times I read my work.

(If you aren’t sure how to get Scrivener to read out loud, click here.)

While text-to-speech has grown by leaps and bounds since its development, it still struggles with some words.

In the past year, I’ve found quite a few hilarious bugs. I’ll give you the word and then how Scrivener’s text-to-speech buddy said it.

Top 10 Text-to-Speech Fails

  1. Seattle — see-at-lay
  2. human — who-man
  3. bipedal — bye-pee-dahl
  4. desert — dessert
  5. why’d — wid
  6. hoodie — who-die
  7. minutes — my-newts
  8. Adelei — Add-ah-lee
  9. raven — rahv-in
  10. “B-but…” — “Bee-bee-ut…”

I know #8’s a proper noun, but the thing had no trouble with Boahim. Also, it doesn’t understand the difference between a desert and a dessert, nor does it understand stuttering. *facepalm*

Have you come across any unusual ones?

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