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Upcoming Reading!

Hey folks!

I’ve got an upcoming reading! I’ll be reading at the Inkwell Seattle: Women in Speculative Fiction coming up! Details below:

WHO: Nisi Shawl, Raven Oak, G. G. Silverman, and Janine A. Southard

WHAT: Reading amazing spec-fic works!

WHEN: January 10, 2017 from 7-10 PM

WHERE: Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar – 1508 11th Ave, Seattle, Washington 98122

Further Details:

As a tumultuous year comes to a close, it’s time to look towards the possibilities of the future. A future that will hopefully be more inclusive, with a literature that is more representative of the entire human population. To this end, please join us to hear the Speculative Fiction of four talented women. Our reading will end with an open mic.

NISI SHAWL’s widely praised novel Everfair came out from Tor in September 2016. Her story collection Filter House co-won a James Tiptree, Jr. Award in 2009, and she’s co-author of the acclaimed instructional handbook Writing the Other: A Practical Approach. She helped found the Carl Brandon Society, a nonprofit supporting the presence of marginalized races in the fantastic genres, and is a Clarion West Writers Workshop board member. Shawl’s fairly active on Twitter and Facebook and maintains a website at www.nisishawl.com; in real life she ambles around Seattle at a feline pace with her cat, Minnie, and her mother, June.

Bestselling science fiction & fantasy author RAVEN OAK is best known for Amaskan’s Blood (Epic Awards 2016 Finalist), Class-M Exile, and the collection Joy to the Worlds: Mysterious Speculative Fiction for the Holidays (Foreword Reviews 2016 Book of the Year Finalist). She also has several short stories published in anthologies such as Untethered: A Magic iPhone Anthology and Magic Unveiled. Raven spent most of her K-12 education doodling stories and 500 page monstrosities that are forever locked away in a filing cabinet. When she’s not writing, she’s getting her game on with tabletop games, indulging in cartography, or staring at the ocean. She lives in the Seattle area with her husband, and their three kitties who enjoy lounging across the keyboard when writing deadlines approach.

G.G. SILVERMAN is the author of the comedic YA horror “Redvale Zombie Prom” series, including VEGAN TEENAGE ZOMBIE HUNTRESS (North Street Book Prize finalist) and STONERS VS. MOANERS, both of which have been Amazon Kindle Top 10 Bestsellers. Her short fiction & poetry have won awards, and her work has appeared in or is forthcoming from Molotov Cocktail, Grinning Skull Press, Pulp Modern, Iconoclast, The Seventh Wave, scissors + spackle, and more. She lives north of Seattle with her husband and dog, enjoys teaching others to write when she can, and trains with a compound bow in her spare time because #TheZombieApocalypse. To connect with G.G., please visit http://www.ggsilverman.com/

Janine A. Southard is the Cygnus Award-winning author of Cracked! A Magic iPhone Story and the IPPY Award-winning author of Queen & Commander (and other books in The Hive Queen Saga). She lives in Seattle, WA, where she writes speculative fiction novels, novellas, and short stories… and reads them aloud to her cat. Find her online at www.janinesouthard.com.


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