Visions: The Art of Jeff Sturgeon If you remember, my short story “Scout’s Honor” was a part of Jeff Sturgeon’s anthology The Last Cities of Earth a few years back. Its Kickstarter did so well that the book was picked up Read More…

The March from Hell

March has been…chaos. 2020 was hell. 2021 was heller. 2022 said, “Hold my beer!” in the worst way possible, especially last month. For those following along on social media, you know that Riley’s heart meds are killing his kidneys. Nothing Read More…

The Letter U

I saw a post today where someone was talking about how their memories of RBG were stolen and replaced by fear, by those who would destroy our country. I found it a poetic post, but my partner’s response was, “But Read More…

Day 171

Welcome to Day 171 of quarantine…at least for me and my partner. That’s 5 ½ months of isolation as we haven’t left our house expect to drive the car and recharge its battery every few weeks. Not even to grocery Read More…

Published on the Moon!

When did it happen?

Our love was something to make the heavens sing, yet I turned around to find myself alone.

The darkness of your absence eclipsed any joy that filled me with light.

When did I stop being beautiful?

When did you stop desiring me?

Love is eternal, or so the poets say, yet somewhere across the years, we fell out of step. Like the gear shifts of a machine, our parts thrown out of sync in a moment.

Was it desperation that drove you into another’s arms, or was it something I did? Perhaps something I didn’t do?

< No. >

Too faint, I ignore the voice in the distance. Its fierceness reminds me of you, you know. Read More…