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Monday Night Gaming: Geek Girl Style

We spent this past weekend at Geek Girl Con, which was loads of fun! Think of a con truly for geeks (all genders) that doesn’t have a sizable  percentage of attendees thinking that “fake” geek girls exist. I saw people of all shapes, sizes, sexualities, nationalities, social anxieties, etc. having a great time, cosplaying, dancing, and gaming. Honestly, I felt more at home here than I did at PAX, more comfortable, too. And not all of that was crowd size.

So instead of Monday night gaming, this is technically more of a weekend gaming wrap-up geek girl style! 😉

The Doubleclicks Performing at Geek Girl Con 2014

The Doubleclicks performing at Geek Girl Con 2014

This weekend, besides an awesome concert made up of the Thundering Asteroids (nerd punk group), The Doubleclicks (awesome geek duo), and Sammus (geeky rapper from NYC), we played a lot of games.

We spent a lot of time at the Steve Jackson Games table. Besides Munchkin Zombies, we tried out Mars Attacks (which apparently they owned the name for before the movie) and Chupacabra. Mars Attacks was a ton of fun–a dice game with strategy! You try to capture various cities without nuking them. Pretty fun. I lost by 1 point. Chupacabra was…interesting. I won, but I felt it was 100% luck based and that made it not as fun to play. (I prefer things that take some brain power.)

We also tried out Tsuro of the Seas, which was interesting. I think we would have enjoyed it more without the sea monsters, which made things a bit unbalanced. When a game can end on round 1, there’s a problem. This was a themed game that goes back to the idea of trying to keep moving your ship along lines as long as possible without sailing off the edge or running afoul of a sea monster.

Got ‘Em! was another game we tried out. This is definitely a game that kids could play, and it had two sides–one more advanced than the other, so it scales. The purpose of this was to try and trap the opponents game marker behind 4 walls, which get placed as you go, before they trap yours.

Unexploded Cows was hilariously fun. The idea is to make your own herd of cows and try to blow them up for money. There’s something freaking awesome about blowing up cartoon cows. 😉 It has an ante pot you try to win, so there’s some strategy in how many cows you buy, how many you allow to blow up, how many spies or bad cows you place in the opponent’s herd, etc. If you haven’t played this, you should!

We checked out “Oh My God! There’s an Axe in My Head!” It took 45 minutes to set up and go through the instructions and by then, they were asking for the game back to pack up for the evening. We didn’t really get to try it, but it was intriguing. We’ll definitely have to check it out at Card Kingdom and play once.

We were disappointed by the lack of Wizards of the Coast at GGC (what, do they think that girls don’t play Magic? I call shenanigans on WOTC for not being there.). The Lady Planeswalkers Society was present, but only to teach new players. There was no Magic gaming for non-beginners, which was a huge disappointment. Despite the lack of WOTC, we played 4-5 rounds of Magic anyway.

Overall, it was a great con and lots of Game On!


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