Wishing Shelf Award Finalist – RAVEN OAK

Wishing Shelf Award Finalist

I’m a finalist!

Or at least one of my books is. 😉

If you recall back in 2018, Amaskan’s War was a UK Wishing Shelf Book Award Finalist, meaning that a bunch of young adults read the book and liked it enough to vote it in as a finalist in this award.

Well, I got news this morning that Dragon Springs & Other Things is a 2023 Wishing Shelf Award Finalist! Woohoo!

The winner will be announced on April 1st, but honestly, being a finalist is a pretty big win for a short story collection book. It’s up against novels from all genres so it’s got some heavy competition.  (EDIT in April: I didn’t win, but that’s okay! Still a finalist.)

Go book, go!

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