Oct 20

Central City Comicon!

This weekend, October 21-22, I’ll be at Central City Comicon in Yakima, WA with Books & Chains! Here are the details:

Central City Comic ConWHEN: Saturday, 10 AM – 7 PM, and Sunday, 10 AM – 5 PM

WHERE: Yakima Valley Sundome, 1301 S. Fair Avenue, Yakima, WA 98901 (View Map)

WHAT: Vendors, special guests, panels, cosplay pub-crawl, and more! More details here: https://centralcitycomiccon.com/

Come find me and Books & Chains at booth 405!

central city comicon

Oct 17

The Beauty That Keeps Us Going

There’s an amazing Doctor Who episode involving Vincent Van Gogh that is my absolute favorite. It’s also a great reminder of the beauty that keeps us going in times like these.

I will disagree though with the curator about how no one ever will transform such pain into beauty again though. This is why I write. This is why so many write, why so many create any art really. We’re constantly transforming the pain and harshness of this world into things of beauty. Telling stories through different lenses and filters.
Art (of all kinds) is so very beautiful.

#MeToo has showed the sheer number of people impacted by some very painful events. Do me a favor–Go support an artist/writer/creator today. Tell them they are appreciated or buy something they’ve transformed. 


Support the beauty that keeps us going. <3

Oct 16


I spent all of yesterday at the Galaxaar Pop Culture Marketplace vending as Books & Chains, so it wasn’t until I arrived home in the evening that I logged into social media to see the #MeToo posts by so many of my friends and fellow authors, be they men, women, non-binary, or transitioning.

When I woke up this morning and the posts continued to scroll across my screen, I wished nothing more than to type out some greatly profound post about the topic because #MeToo, but I couldn’t. Despite being a survivor myself and having done charity work for RAINN (the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network), the words have been lost to me today.

Perhaps it is the knowledge that this sudden awareness doesn’t change the systemic problem in our society, one that has led to male toxicity, rape culture, and a severe lack of body autonomy. Or perhaps it is the fact that one of the kings of sexual harassment sits in the highest position in our country. Part of me fears that in a few days, the next crisis will hit social media and people will return to ignoring the constant abuse that occurs towards women on a daily basis. My hope is that it won’t disappear and fade into the background as so many things do.

For once, the sheer numbers have been given a voice. Perhaps our refusal to remain silent will be what catapults us into a better place–one where I don’t have to cross the street to avoid walking past a man, or where a friend doesn’t have to set men’s work boots outside her front door. A world where it’s not assumed I’m “the sub” because “women can’t teach computers,” or a world where nighttime is never the time to be alone. Ever.

I could list out all the times I’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted. I could share all the millions of stories from across various social media platforms that detail the horrors women face just to exist in this world, but I don’t think I need to.

The past twenty-four hours has already opened eyes with regards to how many people can say #MeToo. Far too many. Every 98 seconds, another American is sexually assaultedAnd for once, I think people may have realized it how prevalent it is. But until we teach children about body autonomy and emotional intelligence, we will continue to see the sexual harassment and assault viewed as “locker room talk” or “a joke.”

I am so proud of every person who shared something, even a simple #MeToo, and raised awareness about the sheer number of people impacted by sexual harassment and assault. I am equally proud of those of you who, for whatever reason, choose to remained silent. That is your right.

Be they men or women or non-binary or non-conforming, the only way we get through this is together. We can’t change this deeply rooted problem overnight any more than we can snuff out racism in a moment, but this is a start. Here and now. If you are able, speak up. Speak out. 


(Yeah, I’m old school using RAINN’s old motto, but it fits.)

Oct 15

Galaxaar Wrap-Up

It’s time for your Galaxaar Wrap-Up post!

This was our first time at the Galaxaar Pop-Culture Marketplace, which this year was held in Issaquah, WA. From the get go, we had a bit of a rough time in that Jesikah was injured and we only had 2 hours to set up the booth (which normally takes us 5 hours). This was due to limitations by the community center and not the marketplace organizers. We brought spouses with us and knocked out a new 8×8 layout as quickly as possible.

Galaxaar Floor

You can see us on the right side, in the middle. 🙂 You can also click the images to see them larger.

It was a one-day event and thus, shorter than our usual events, but it was enjoyable for the most part. There were some hiccups with the city that resulted in only one food truck, but the organizers did their best with the situation.

Galaxaar 2017

Jesikah, sitting on one side of the booth.

Raven Oak

The other side of the booth. I don’t remember what was said to me, but it was something funny.

Raven and Jesikah

Jesikah and I doing our pre-event selfie.


Tyrion Lannister does not approve. Of something. Of anything. I don’t know but the way he stared at us all day was creepy.

Destiny 1 cosplay

Awesome cosplayer from Destiny.


The Doctor doesn’t approve either.


Clara, the Dalek, surprised Elise. She wasn’t expecting to be exterminated!

Jesikah found an Ewok!

Overall, it was an interesting, small event full of Star Wars and Ewoks!

1st photo taken by Galaxaar employees. Other photos taken by Raven Oak, Jesikah Sundin, and Elise Kreinbring.

Oct 13


This Sunday, October 15th, I’ll be at the Galaxaar Pop Culture Marketplace in Issaquah, WA with Books & Chains! Here are the details:

GalaxaarWHEN: Sunday, 10/15, from 9 AM – 3 PM

WHERE: Issaquah Community Center, 301 Rainier Blvd S, Issaquah, WA 98027 (View Map)

WHAT: From the website–“In our one-day marketplace, expect to find original pop culture arts & crafts, vintage goodies, with toys & modern collectables! Walk away with something old, something new, and something original.” Over 50 vendors, plus cosplay contest, trick-or-treating, and more.

Come find me and Books & Chains at booth D4!


Oct 12

GeekGirlCon Wrap-Up

As usual, GeekGirlCon was a blast! It was unusual sitting on the vendor’s side of things rather than spending my convention gaming or attending shows. I was a panelist at GGC this year as well, which was loads of fun as well. Speaking of loads…

GGC 2017 Packed up

This is all of our gear for our booth as we set out on Friday afternoon for set up.

GGC 2017 Raven

This is me about to unload the vehicle with Jesikah and Elise. Can you tell how excited I was? 😉

GeekGirlCon Setup

The hardest part of setting up the booth is all the decor–the slow-to-do stuff. Above is Jesikah setting up the entry pole. She’s the tallest and thus, she often gets to do the “tall” parts.

GGC 2017 Booth

Here’s our booth after set up! (You can click any of these images to see them larger.)

It took us about 5 hours to set up the booth, some of which was because our booth moved. There was an error, which the amazing folks at GeekGirlCon fixed, and we ended up towards the rear of the vendor’s hall. Bright and early Saturday, we arrived at the Seattle Convention Center, ready for one of the best conventions in the area.

GGC 2017 Cosplay

We decided to cosplay on Saturday from Firefly. Jesikah is Jayne, I’m Kaylee, and Elise is Wash.

GGC 2017 Cosplay

Here’s another shot of us as Jesikah takes a selfie. People kept commenting that my hair was “Jayne hat” hair because of the yellows, oranges, and reds. LOL.

GGC 2017 Booth

Here’s one side of the booth with Jesikah’s books, candles, and some awesome chainmaille.

GGC 2017 Booth

Here’s another side of the booth with my books, candles, and some more lovely chainmaille.

GGC 2017 Booth

Here we are again and the last side of the booth!

On Saturday afternoon, I was part of a “Meet & Geek,” which was a group of professional women from all areas of STEM, who sat down to talk and mingle with future professionals and those looking to get into various STEM fields. I met a young woman who works on rockets, a future 3D animator, a future videographer, and so many others. They had such great questions about what the future could be and should be. I loved meeting so many of these women.

GGC 2017 Meet n Geek

These are some of my fellow professionals before attendees packed the room to talk to us.

As a sci-fi writer, I do a lot of research on various sciences for my writing, but I was there less as an author and more as a former computer teacher, former graphic designer, former web designer, former programmer, etc. It was nice seeing how far the industry has come and yet speaking a common language with these people who will be the next tech people.

GGC 2017 Dalek

Clara the Dalek came to visit us!

GGC 2017 Aloy

This woman’s cosplay of Aloy (and yes, Aloy is a a play on the word alloy) from Horizon: Zero Dawn was amazing! One of the best cosplayers I saw all weekend. If you haven’t played this game, you should! It’s amazing! One of the best I’ve ever played.

GGC 2017 Log Lady

My friend and fellow author G. G. Silverman cosplayed as the Log Lady from Twin Peaks on Sunday, the day of our panel. (Click HERE to see what she looks like in the show. G. G. did a GREAT job!)

GGC 2017 Dalek

Here, the “Log Lady” and the Dalek were exchanging words. The Dalek wanted to exterminate her log.

GGC 2017 Panel

On Sunday, we had our panel on Transhumanism in Comics and Fiction, which was a blast. Pictured above are Jesikah Sundin, Me, G. G. Silverman, and Frances Stewart. We had a fairly full room and an amazing audience that asked some very complicated and in-depth questions.

GGC 2017 Books

I found out on Sunday that the con’s bookstore downstairs (Ada’s Technical Books) apparently had my books as well, so I was competing with myself in selling books at the booth. It happens. 😉

GGC 2017 Anita Sarkeesian

Before the end of the convention, I managed to hop across the aisle to the Feminist Frequency booth and snag a selfie with Anita Sarkeesian.

I met so many people–more than I can count–and sold a lot of books, which is always nice. We hope to have a video of the panel up in a bit but for now, I hope these photos gave you a taste of what our weekend was like. Tear down happened fairly quickly and before we knew it, the weekend was done.

Until next year!

P.S. I was tickled as hell to see this cosplayer from Kingdom Hearts!


Most photos taken by Raven Oak. A few taken by Jesikah Sundin and a few more by random people we asked to take group photos of us and the booth.

Oct 06

Jet City Comic Show Schedule

I’ll be vending at Jet City Comic Show with Books & Chains November 4-5, 2017 in Tacoma, WA.

Booth #214!

Jet City Comic Show

I’ll also be a panelist/guest on the main stage as part of Jet City Live by SciFi Monkeys on Sunday at 12:20 PM.

Ladies of Literature 2: She has the Power!
With Authors Raven Oak (me), Stephanie Weippert, Crystal Connor, and Robin Hobb!

Come join us!

(See the full Jet City Live schedule here: http://www.jetcitycomicshow.com/index.phpjet-city-live )

Sep 26

GeekGirlCon Schedule

If you’re Seattle local and heading out to GeekGirlCon this weekend, I’ll be there as both a vendor and panelist. Come stop by Books & Chainsbooth, I-117, and say hello! My panelist schedule is below the map as well.

GeekGirlCon Map

My Panelist Schedule:

4:00-5:00 PM — Meet & Geek: A Networking Event for Mavens-in-the-Making
Hermoine Room — Meet mentors and others wanting to break into geeky career pathways at this interactive meetup hosted by Sonia Michaels and Alexandra Lucas.

10:00-11:00 AM — Transhumanism in Comics and Fiction
Storm Room — Comics and fiction have explored the effects of transhumanism and bioengineering in everything from functional immortality and consciousnesses in simulated realities to cerebral implants and bionic parts. Do we always need dystopian warnings, or can these advances bring us closer to a better, brighter us? Does fiction predict our future at all?

EDIT: Books & Chains moved to booth I-117!

Sep 12

Rose City Comic Con Wrap-Up

Per usual, this post will be image heavy. Fair warning!

After five days in Portland, it is so good to be home! You know you’re loved when your kitties race to greet you at the door. <3 Rose City Comic Con 2017 was a great convention and not just because Books & Chains did well. The vendors around us were nice, the cosplay was amazing, the guests were varied and awesome choice-wise, and the convention center was pretty, if a bit maze-like (especially in the parking garage, which requires several different elevators to escape from).

Rose City Comicon

We (meaning Books & Chains, aka me, author Jesikah Sundin, and chainmailler Elise Kreinbring) drove down to Portland Thursday morning for set up, arriving around 3 PM PST. The line to unload was relatively short, and we got to work setting up the booth.

Set up booth

Elise & Jesikah attach fairy lights to the grid walls

It took a few hours to set up since this was the first time we used this particular layout, but we did it.

B&C Booth




You can see the fairy lights in the last shot above a bit better. 😉 Multiple times throughout the weekend, people commented on how visible our booth was and said we had the “prettiest booth at the con.” Always nice to hear.

After set up, we head across the street to the Inn at the Convention Center hotel to check-in, then grab some dinner.


Our view of the convention center from the hotel room

After a good dinner a block away at Denny’s, we came back and began stuffing swag bags. We gave out 300 swag bags full of autographed goodies, coloring pages, and a chainmaille dangle made from maille that was created for NASA’s Mars Insight mission. The pieces were highly limited in quantity so those who got one were quite lucky!


We also handed out these stickers (seen above) because why not? Our superpowers changed daily and were anything from serious (like the above) to goofy, such as “Coffee Obtainer” and “Companion Finder” (from when I was a TARDIS). 

People were really appreciative of the swag and the stickers. It brought more people to our booth than the “dragon eggs” (aka candy) we had.

Unfortunately, some juveniles stole some of our sharpie pens and left a few stickers behind where they professed their superpowers were having “big dicks.” The stupidity of their stickers didn’t bug me, but stealing sharpies is a low blow.

While we were in our hotel that first night, around midnight when we intended to go to sleep, we discovered our room had bed bugs. Not a ton, but enough that it freaked us out. The hotel moved us to a different, much cleaner smelling room quickly, one that they had searched thoroughly to ensure that it did not have bed bugs. None of us suffered any bites or any further evidence that the bed bugs came with us.


Friday morning, R2D2 paid our booth a visit. In fact, there was an entire parade of R2 units that went by, which you can watch in the video below.

This is a photo Jesikah Sundin took of the whole group paying tribute to the “dead robot” on the con floor.

R2 units

Better shot of the robot:

dead robot

For a Friday, we sold very well. Well enough that most of the time, we were too busy to take photos of the fabulous cosplay around us or each other, though Jesikah did sneak in this ussie.


One couple really wanted to purchase the TARDIS dice bag that Elise was working on so they paid for it in advance and kept checking in throughout the weekend to see if it was done (which it was on Sunday). Here’s Elise working on it diligently on Friday.


The convention had a really cool retro area set up where families could play old school NES and Atari games in “living rooms” from the proper time period. It was pretty cool. I loved the bright green shag carpet. While we never had that, I have fond memories of the huge console TVs my grandmothers had.


They also had Transformers there. It was crazy.


It was really smokey on Thursday and Friday, but Friday evening, it finally rained. The clouds rolled in, giving us a very post-apocalyptic view from our hotel room.


Saturday morning dawned bright and early, and with so many people inside the convention center, the A/C struggled to work at all. Soon, everyone was fanning themselves and complaining about the heat. I pulled my hair up with a glittery bow that left me and the booth COVERED in glitter.


This guy cosplaying a character from Bioshock (one of my favorite games) stopped by, and I took a photo.

Bioshock cosplay

One of my writing friends, Lindsey Pierce, was here as well, so I snagged her new book, Trans Liberty Riot Brigade. <3


As I said, there was amazing cosplay at this comic con. This photo doesn’t begin to show how detailed this woman’s cosplay was.


We sold so many books and so much chainmaille on Saturday. It was definitely our most successful sales day we’ve ever had. This cosplayer (in image below) stopped by and bought three books and a pendant from us. Someone unknown stopped her later to take a picture of her cosplay, which got tweeted out several times. I snagged a copy because she’s holding our Books & Chains bag! (P.S. If this is your image, let me know so I can credit you!)

our bag

One of the coolest things about this convention is that by sheer luck, our booth was directly behind that of my middle school friend, Christina Fidalgo of Burnt Pixels. There were way too many “Pay no attention to that head in the curtain” jokes throughout the weekend.


Not only did we have lots of laughing, Christina actually brought photos of us from middle school AND a typed list I’d made for her of books she HAD to buy and read ASAP, along with my hand written notes and doodles along the margins. You can see the first page below. (Perhaps I’ll share the rest soon.)

Throwback Thursday

On Sunday, I was a TARDIS because Elise and I had a group photo-op with the most recent Doctor, Peter Capaldi, and his companion, Pearl Mackie (Bill). It was scheduled for 11:45 AM, and both of us were so excited and nervous. We gave both Peter and Pearl the chainmaille dangles with the NASA scales, which is pretty cool.

Doctor Picture!Sunday was a much slower day than we’d anticipated. Usually it’s a mad house due to last minute purchases, but Nuka-Colaeveryone looked exhausted. It was my first chance to go out and do a little shopping as well. One of my first purchases was this Nuka-Cola soap. I love everything Fallout, so this was a great find. It really does smell like soda.

One evening, we streamed the movie Labyrinth on Elise’s laptop while we stuffed the last of the swag bags. I think I was the only one who was singing along due to the others being tired. 😉

One of the artists down the aisle from us had some amazing artwork, which included some from Labyrinth. One of our customers who bought books from Jesikah and I had purchased it the day before, which I saw when she came into our booth.

I was determined to buy some for my office, which is what I did on Sunday, along with some Cowboy Bebop art from another artist next door. (Please ignore my fingers in the photos I took with my cell.)

There was way too much good art in this place!

Jareth art Sarah

















Here’s the Cowboy Bebop art of Ed and Ein, and Spike, my favorite characters.

Ein and Ed











Oh! I almost forgot–I got an art piece of the worm from Labyrinth as a bonus when I bought Jareth and Sarah.


All too soon Sunday was done and it was time to pack up and tear down the booth. There was a LOT less to pack up this time since we did so well sales wise. Many of my book crates were empty or nearly so.

tear down

And that’s a wrap! Until next time, Portland! (Which will be Geek the Halls in December!)


Sep 06

Rose City Comicon!

Rose City Comic Con Logo If you’re heading to Rose City Comicon in Portland this weekend (Friday, 9/8, through Sunday, 9/10), I’ll be there with Books & Chains in the dealer’s hall, Booth 949.

Come out and get a swag bag of goodies, check out our books, and the amazing chainmaille jewelry!

Hope to see you there!

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