Trick or Treat? Pick one…or both!

Happy Halloween folks!

Pick one or both.

ePub excerpts

I’ve added Mirror, Mirror and The Silent Frontier‘s excerpts in ePub format for those of you with eReaders who don’t want a PDF.
Just an FYI–New excerpt coming on Friday! This time from my fantasy novel, Amaskan’s Blood. Stay tuned!

Coffee is sustenance (Weird things authors do!)

18 Weird Things that Authors Do! This was just too funny not to share!
Head over to BuzzFeed to see the full list and all the animations that go with it.



My favorite is this one:
6. What we use for sustenance while writing.

(I will also add that #10 is a HUGE no-no. Don’t do it.)

Most influential writer of all time? Of our time?

This is not a question of who is the best author. Nor is it a question of who is the most prolific. Out of all the authors/writers out there, who would you consider to be the most influential writer of all time? What about of our time?

Of ALL time, I would definitely tip my non-existent hat to William Shakespeare as he added over 1,700 words to our language. I would also throw in Edgar Allan Poe for his exploration of horrific and suspenseful ideas.

Of OUR time, I would say Ray Bradbury, for his genius body of work in the speculative fiction genre. Neil Gaiman probably could hop into this category for similar reasons, though I think he’s made more of an impact through his graphic novels. The Sandman, among others, made graphic novels a bit more accessible. (For reasons I don’t understand, people are ashamed to admit they read graphic novels, and others still consider them fluff. I’ve read graphic novels that carry more depth and literary value than some ‘classic literary fiction.’)
J. R. R. Tolkien could also be added to my list. Not only did his writing influence every fantasy work since his time, but he was a great linguist with a wonderful understanding of cultural development and world building.

(Image of Neil Gaiman by Kyle Cassidy under CCL.)

What’s your favorite type of weather?

This morning, Seattle was under a dense fog warning and in the area I live, visibility was just about zero.


Fog before me

Which on hills and bridges, made for an eery Halloween-esque commute to the coffee shop this morning. Looking out across one bridge, I couldn’t see Queen Anne, downtown, or Puget Sound. In fact, when I got to the top of a hill, I couldn’t see the road in front of me.
The way forward was a cliff of fog. As a driver, intimidating. As one fascinated by nature and weather, it was wicked cool. Makes for some excellent writing weather! I would have to say that my favorite weather is the fall weather in Seattle–alternating sun with fog and rain. The temperatures drop and fireplaces burn.

I need to clone myself! (Writing conferences)

If you’re interested in writing and have never been to a writing conference, you’re missing out! Conferences can get a bit pricey, so I understand that not every author can attend every conference. I’ve decided to limit myself (at the moment) to a certain conference budget, which this year, will allow me to attend four.

This weekend, I’m going to the Emerald City Writers’ Conference in Bellevue, WA. While it’s run by the Romance Writers of America, it doesn’t exclusively focus on the romance genre (which is great since I write sci-fi/fantasy). Most of the topics they are covering range from craft (dialogue, setting, word choice, voice, conflict, etc.) to promotion and the business side of writing (social media/marketing, reviews and publicity, finding agents, etc.).

So far, my major dilemma is how to be in two places at once. I need to clone myself to sit in multiple workshops at once since this conference has an abundance of excellent topics!

No excerpt this week as I’m getting ready for the con, but I’ll post something awesome next week for sure.

Mirror, Mirror Excerpt

This week’s excerpt is from the psychological thriller, Mirror, Mirror. While this isn’t a genre I normally write in, this plot line drew me in!

When Henry died, Irene stumbled through the typical stages of grief. Shock. Anger. Profound sadness. Stuck with a dog that isn’t hers, Irene tries to move forward with her life until the mirror in the hallway shows her a world where Henry is very much alive. Will Irene remain in this world with her grief? Or will she step through to the other side where her husband is still alive?
As she struggles to decide what she wants in life, Irene will wonder which world is reality and which is just the mirror reflection.

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The Silent Frontier (Excerpt Available)

Over the next month or so, I’ll be adding excerpts for five different novels. For your first excerpt, I give you the opening scene from The Silent Frontier, a science fiction novel with the comedy and drama of a space opera and the seriousness of space exploration themes.

“Space. The silent frontier. These are the adventures of one lonesome soul afloat in the black. Or those of an idiot. Either way you look at it, I was screwed.”

Captain Kris Berstenfin wasn’t a typical captain–she liked being the boss, but was not a team player by any means. So when she found herself adrift in space: her crew dead, her ship in pieces, and five hours of air in the space suit; she knew it was going to be a bad, bad day.

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Bad Arguments

At one point or another, just about anyone could be guilty of using them in a discussion or debate. The more heated the conversation, the more likely they are to occur.


The Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments

While I’m awaiting a book’s arrival in the mail, I ran across the “Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments” this morning on Buzzfeed and tracked down the full book. It’s gloriously illustrated and quite an excellent read. I love logical fallacies, though there are more than just the ones in this book. There’s a full list here: Fallacy Files as well, though it lacks the pretty pictures.

Do everyone a favor and join me in reading about logical fallacies. Debaters will thank you later! 😉
The Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments

Boahim Map

As a nice little teaser for the novel, Assassin’s Blood, I’m uploading the world map I created. (I created it by hand in Photoshop this past summer as I was editing the novel, so I could keep everything straight. It also helps in error checking!). If you click on it, you can see it in much higher quality.


Map of Boahim

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