Authors get asked fairly often whether or not they support NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. I decided to write my take on the entire thing. Feel free to read it and comment on it with your own two cents by clicking here. (You can also hover your mouse over WRITING and click on NaNoWha?)

Site Rebirth

After getting hacked, the site is back. Slowly but surely I am redoing it.
It’s not finished yet, so please be patient. Thanks in advance.


More Revisions than I know what to do with

I took a break from Don’t Call Me Daughter to work on revisions of Amaskan’s Blood. I needed the break from it–the words were beginning to swim.
I did finish hard-copy revisions on AB though, so now to actually do something with the revisions.

My hope is to have one novel or both to the beta readers by October. Wish me luck! I still have some unpacking to do… :/


We’re about 85% unpacked.

I also finished hard-copy revisions on Don’t Call Me Daughter. Yes, for all that I’m a techie, I still do revisions on printed paper before inputting them into Scrivener. So now I just have several hundred pages of edits to put in and a reorganization of the novel’s order. I’m glad I have a good piece of writing software. Otherwise, the rearranging the order would be more of a major pain than it will already be!

DCMD Update while aflood with boxes!

Despite being sick and aflood with boxes (still!), I managed to finish Don’t Call Me Daughter. It’s way too long, yet I felt like I wrote it very compactly. Still, I need to cut a good 100 pages from it.
The printed manuscript weighs more than my laptop! Still, another book down!

My Secret is Coffee Shops (writing, writing everywhere!)

Despite all the boxes and chaos of finding a place to live and moving into it and out of temp housing, I managed to get some writing done in the past month.

In fact, I finished Amaskan’s Blood! Now to edit the beast. It’s currently sitting at 308 pages in length.
My secret has been coffee shops. They are everywhere in Seattle. You can’t go a block without one. Being able to people watch while writing is inspiring. Wrote two short stories about the characters that visit my local haunt. Maybe I’ll post them up here once they are out of rough draft stage.

Happy New Year! I got a city!

May 2013 be a good one, wherever you are!



I am currently standing on the roof of temp housing in Seattle, 1 block from the Space Needle, with my wonderful husband whose job brought me to the best city in the US! We’re freezing up here, but we’ve got the best spot in the house for watching the fireworks show!

The tail end of 2012 brought me my dream job and my dream city. It brought my husband his dream job as well. I hope 2013 is as wonderful, and may it be wonderful for you all as well!

Seattle! It’s a city!

We’re moving to Seattle!

A new job opportunity for my husband means that I can retire from teaching to dedicate myself to writing full time! This is an awesome opportunity, and I’m excited to be able to focus on my career. Not to mention doing so in a beautiful city! I’ve always wanted to return to Seattle. Now I get to just that!

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